Its that time of month, havent posted anything new from INSIDE 44 book for almost 6 weeks, and since i am having a boost of energy thnx to Trojan Horse was a Unicorn- i decided to reveal one more character from INSIDE 44.

This is ANY:A, a badass assasing girl from the book. She has also some really cool gadgets in the book ( special helmet, boots ) and a badass motorbike .

You will learn her story in the book, its is special.

Special thnx to beautyful Anja Aleksic, for participating in making this character. Her look was exactly what i was aiming for ANY:A - edgy, dark and attractive and yet very femine And guess what - her name in real life is ANJA so it was a nobrainer for me to ask her portray the character.

#Inside 44