The Matrix Resurrections - BOT

Got pleasure to work on Matrix 4. It was a small task but someone has to design small robots - and as my friends, like to say "Its enough that you can say you worked on Matrix" :)

1999 When Matrix came out, I was fascinated by it. In 2002 I started to read on the internet how it was made and tried my best to understand everything. It was a huge fascination to me - and little did I know that this will take me on the path of becoming a designer. Later I would have idols in design, but i never forgot about magazines and Matrix.

No, I didn`t start as a designer - since I didn't know that designers work on these things, i tried to become a VFX person > Animator > 3D Artist > Industrial designer > Car designer > concept designer and eventually 21 years later I am Concept designer for movies/games/vehicles/products.

I was mesmerized by George Hull and other sketches - 21 years later under incredible events that led to this and big thanks to Joy Lea and Ravi Bansal - I am able to say that I worked on this incredible Matrix Franchise.

Little DarMar is screaming inside now.

Cheers to everyone, and to more movies that will come in the future.

Happy New Year and Holidays!

Project Manager: Ravi Bansal